The central goals of the BlockYard conference are to bring together diverse individuals interested in the blockchain technology; facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience related to blockchain, mining, and cryptocurrencies; present investment opportunities in the aforementioned areas; and publicize promising ICO projects.

The conference is divided into two thematic blocks: NOVICE and ADVANCED. The former is devoted to the broad basics of blockchain technology. The latter is directed at participants seeking to further their knowledge in particular subject areas.


  • What is blockchain?
  • Introduction to cryptocurrencies
  • Why mine?
  • How to buy your first bitcoin
  • Blockchain and security
  • Can I create my own currency?


  • Mine management
  • Blockchain in practice
  • Mining hardware and software
  • Distributed consensus algorithms
  • The future of cryptocurrency

Conference venue

Centrum Stocznia Gdańska


Located in the very center of downtown Gdańsk, nearby the famous Solidarity Square, building 89A of the Gdańsk Shipyard is a rare gem of European post-industrial architecture. Before World War II, it was used by the German Kriegsmarine as a U-boot assembly plant. After the war, it was converted to peaceful purposes. Since mid-2004, under the name CENTRUM STOCZNIA GDAŃSKA (Gdańsk Shipyard Center), it serves as the seat of the European Culture and Education Centre.



ul. Wałowa 27A, 80-882 Gdańsk, Poland