The central goals of the BlockYard conference are to bring together diverse individuals interested in the blockchain technology; facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience related to blockchain, mining, and cryptocurrencies; present investment opportunities in the aforementioned areas; and publicize promising ICO projects.

The conference is divided into two thematic blocks: NOVICE and ADVANCED. The former is devoted to the broad basics of blockchain technology. The latter is directed at participants seeking to further their knowledge in particular subject areas.


  • What is blockchain?
  • Introduction to cryptocurrencies
  • Why mine?
  • How to buy your first bitcoin
  • Blockchain and security
  • Can I create my own currency?


  • Mine management
  • Blockchain in practice
  • Mining hardware and software
  • Distributed consensus algorithms
  • The future of cryptocurrency

Conference venue

Centrum Stocznia Gdańska


Located in the very center of downtown Gdańsk, nearby the famous Solidarity Square, building 89A of the Gdańsk Shipyard is a rare gem of European post-industrial architecture. Before World War II, it was used by the German Kriegsmarine as a U-boot assembly plant. After the war, it was converted to peaceful purposes. Since mid-2004, under the name CENTRUM STOCZNIA GDAŃSKA (Gdańsk Shipyard Center), it serves as the seat of the European Culture and Education Centre.



Doki 1, enter through CSG entrance from ul. Lisia Grobla, 80-858 Gdańsk, Poland